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We are specialists in intermodality
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Transports specialists

GORGORI during all the past years in constant evolution, we have incorporated different products / services with the conviction that the differentiation and the quality of them have made us the specialist of transport in which today we have become.
Now a day GORGORI has its main base in Tarragona, with a space of 16. 000m2, is providing all the necessary services to Intermodal transport in all types of containers with an advanced view of the business itself. Today GORGORI can offer it thanks to the determined strategy focused on the world of intermodality and the investor effort made in the last 15 years of adaptation of the fleet and special auxiliary equipment for any of charges and discharges that we do.
This strategy would not be possible to successfully develop; if we don’t had had the high level of involvement of all Our Personal.
GORGORI offers different products and services, listed below in order to provide it with the highest standards of safety, quality and commitment to the environment.